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Here's a couple of examples of Simple Guitar Tabs to get you started.

Try 4 strums on each simple chord but only on the 4 thinnest strings
of your guitar, then try the song. Press the play button to listen first.


simple tabs 1

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This next one uses the same simple chords but uses fingerpicking.


simple tabs 2

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My video of this piece on Youtube has had well over 2,500,000 views,
it is a great piece to learn, sounds great but is actually fairly simple.


simple spanish guitar tabs image

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Online Guitar Teaching Innovation from Mike Herberts

Are You Fed up because you know a bit of 'that' riff and a bit of 'this' tune but you still have sore fingers know nothing all the way through?

Are you getting totally frustrated because you can play some chords and maybe even some strum patterns and a bit of picking but still . . .
it doesn't sound good enough?

Are you at the point where you think that your guitar might be more useful as firewood and that the painful wrists and sore finger ends are 'just not worth the effort and now your partner is threatening to shove that guitar of yours somewhere unmentionable because they're fed up hearing the same thing over and over again?

Ok well just before you get out the lighter fuel and turn that lovely guitar into a pile of ashes I want you to STOP beating yourself up about your lack of progress.

You've probably made the same mistake as everbody else and been 'Googling' something like 'Online Guitar Lessons' or 'Learn Guitar' or 'Guitar Lessons' . . . and that is part of the problem.

By now you'll have found hundreds (possibly thousands) of websites that 'seem' to have exactly what you're looking for . . . like . . .

. . .  the website where the 'teacher' said 'here's a great song for beginners' and then promptly started playing something with three barre chords in it.

For beginners? I don't think so pal.

You're sick to your sore finger ends of websites where you end up watching egotistical maniacs displaying their superior skills by playing like demented Tasmanian Devils with no explanation whatsoever . . . and laughingly calling it guitar lessons.

And you've almost certainly downloaded the 100,000 chord ebook, The 'play in a weekend' ebook, the 'guitar mastery in 7 days or your money back' ebook and now have a hard drive full of useless garbage and have made nil progress . .

Hi Mike,
Thank you for your help and patience, I was able to download all the videos and am delighted.
I have enjoyed my guitar more in the past week than I have done in the past 3 years since I discovered your website.

Thank you once again and will look forward to progressing further with your excellent teaching method.
Best Regards,
Bob M. Northern Ireland.

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With just a little help from me you're
going to re-ignite the dream.

When you first got your guitar, and probably before you actually started learning, you will have had a picture in your mind.

You pictured yourself somewhere, maybe among friends or family when someone says.....would you play for us?

You smiled a reluctant smile and said 'Oh ok I suppose so'. You picked up the guitar and started playing and it felt great.

As time has gone by, that dream seems to be slipping further and further away and you know inside that something just has to change if you are ever going to achieve that dream.

The great news is you can re-ignite that dream

When I was doing my research for this site I did all the same things you did. I downloaded the ebooks, read the promises, tried the stuff out.

I figured out fairly quickly that there was a market for something or somebody who was going to take a 'different' approach to learning guitar, and that whoever took that different approach would have a successful website.

All it needed was for someone to try a different way.

Someone who would teach the pieces that people wanted to learn without any hype.

Someone who didn't need to promote their own ego.

Someone who would just get on with it and not feel the need to baffle the students with technical jargon and theoretical explanations.

This is what I figured out. . .
  • There is no point in trying to get guitarists to play barre chords on an acoustic guitar until they've been playing for at least a few months. After all, if you could play barre chords fluently you would have made enough progress to not bother looking at sites like mine.
  • There is not much point in learning theory yet. Later when you can play a few dozen songs you can learn all that stuff if you want to.
    (I still don't know any of that stuff after 30 years playing)
  • There is absolutely NO point in knowing all the notes on the fretboard when you are still struggling to hold an 'F' chord?
  • 99% of the guitar stuff kicking around on the internet is rubbish.
  • Anyone can have a great repertoire on guitar with less than 10 chords
Those conclusions are what made me set up this website 7 YEARS years ago. I now have over 137,000 guitarists/subscribers and customers worldwide who agree with me and now I just need to prove it to YOU.


You were there at the right time, with the right song, presented in the most wonderfully "learnable" way.

You seem like such a great guy and what you've done for me and others I'm sure will stay with us forever.

I'm full of appreciation and just wanted to tell you how much you've touched my life.

John R. CA. USA

The only way I know to prove it to you is to let you experience it for yourself, for FREE, and then hope that you'll become a regular visitor to the website. (See video below)

So, if you're fed up downloading useless cr*p onto your precious hard drive and want to finally start playing real actual music instead of just chords.

Or if you keep getting so far through a piece and then hit a brick wall when the tricky bit shows up.

If you're sick with disappointment when your latest purchase turns out to be garbage yet again . . .


I have been playing since the age of 11 and am now almost thirty but i got stuck in a rut and stumbled across your good self on Youtube many months ago.

Since then I have passed on your site to 7 other people and they all love your teaching methods as much as me.

 You are fantastic and you helped me come up with some new material for my album i am working on.

I have picked up some excellent blues techniques and even tho I have been playing for a long time it never hurts to go back to basics and I am truly grateful for the help I have found your videos so far.

Laura S.

I look forward to helping you make some great music with your guitar.

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